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A Mini or a Maxi scooter ?

There are two questions we are asked a lot. One of them, “would you like another slice of cake” is one of our favourites. The other, “should I buy a Mini or a Maxi Micro scooter?” is not as tasty but still very simple to answer….

Deciding on which scooter is right for your child is important. Important for you and for them so we’ve compiled a guide to help make the decision between the two scooters as easy as pie (or second slice of pie).
For children ages 3-5 years old
Lightweight frame makes it perfect for younger children to lift and carry over kerbs
Best for younger children or those new to scooting
Children find it easy to learn how to scoot on the Mini Micro because of the tilt and lean style of scooting. A child leans their body in the direction they want to go. Great confidence boosting and co-ordination building skills.
Rear brake
Soft padded handle grips to give a comfy grip
Robust and oodles of fun.
We do believe the Mini Micro scooter is the best scooter for young children in the market. Aside from the technical superiority it is loved by children and parents because it suddenly gives freedom to the whole family. No more buggy tantrums, getting out of the house becomes hassle free and being out of the house becomes fun for everyone.
The Mini Micro scooter is for children
who need to improve their balance and co-ordination skills
who fight about going in the buggy – use the Mini Micro instead!
who are steady walkers
who weigh less than 3 stone 1lb or 20kgs
who are eager to get around and are developing a sense of independence
who have hyper mobility issues. The Mini Micro is a great aid to those children who struggle with movement functions.
The Mini Micro scooter is NOT for children
who are nearing their 6th birthday (you would be better off buying a Maxi Micro scooter)
who are not yet walking
Should I buy a Maxi Micro scooter?
maxi micro scooters

3 in One Ride On

The answer of course is, yes!
The older sister to the Mini Micro scooter, the Maxi Micro scooter;
Is for children aged 6-12 years.
Has an adjustable handlebar – meaning you can adjust the height of the handle allowing the scooter to grow with your child.
Has 3 puncture free wheels to aid balance and co-ordination
Has a strong, tough rear brake (some scooters don’t have a brake at all).
Steers with the same tilt and lean style as the Mini Micro scooter.
Has a robust, durable frame making it a resilient and therefore a long lasting scooter.
The Maxi Micro IS for children who;
Have outgrown or are about to outgrow their Mini Micro scooter (around the age of 5)
Is recommended for children who enjoy the tilt and lean style of scooting
Weigh less than 7 stone 12lbs
Who are new to scooting and would benefit from the confidence a three wheeled scooter provides.
Are impatient! The Maxi Micro scooter is very simple to put together.
The Maxi Micro scooter is NOT for children who;
Weigh more than 7 stone 12 lbs (that includes mum/dad wanting to “give it a go”)
Who are younger than 3 or 4. The Maxi Micro scooter is a heavier scooter than a Mini Micro. Younger children simply will be unable to manage its weight and size.
Would like a two-wheeled scooter.
Cuthberts stock a range of the Mini and Maxi Scooters in store only, our stores are listed on our website at www.cuthberts.com

We would like to thanks Micro Scooters for allowing Cuthberts to publish this article which originally featured on the Micro Scooters blog.

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